At Newbury Tools we stock a range of water softening salt to customers who live in hard water areas.  Having a water softener reduces limescale, and can improve both the performance and life span on many household appliances. 

Salt comes in bags in either tablet, granule or block form.

Discounts are available for purchases of 10 or more 25k bags, and for 15 or more 10kg bags or 8kg block salt.  Please call for more information.

Delivery can also be arranged, again please call us for rates to your area.

  • Granules 25kg          £10.20 per bag including vat

  • Tablets 10kg             £6.30 per bag including vat

  • Tablets 25kg             £12.00 per bag including vat

  • Block Salt 8kg           £5.70 per bag including vat


During the winter we stock a range of salt for using during icy spells.

Rock Salt: contains grit for use on roads and paths during snowy, icy and freezing conditions

De-Icing Salt: a white salt which does not contain any grit, ideal for more delicate areas