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Salt & Calor Gas

At Newbury Tools we have a range of British salt to cover most salt requirements and a range of gas cylinders, including Propane, Butane and Patio Gas.


Water Softening Tablets

Aquasol - 10/25kg bags

Aquasol is the ideal compacted salt product for the regeneration of domestic and smaller commercial water softeners. Aquasol is used and recommended by many of the UK's leading manufacturers of water softeners.

Water Softening Block Salt

Aquasol Block - 8kg packs

The Aquasol Block is the ideal product for regeneration of all types of block salt domestic water softeners. Compacted to the highest standard, the Aquasol Block is designed to dissolve evenly to produce a high quality brine and is compatible with standard block salt water softeners.

Water Softening Granules

Granulite - 10/25kg bags

Glacia Granulite is a compacted salt product with granule sizes between 2 and 6 mm. It has been specifically developed for regeneration of domestic, commercial and industrial water softeners and can also be used in dishwashers. Glacia Granulite is used and recommended by many of the UK's leading manufacturers of water softeners.

Rock Salt for Driveways

(seasonally stocked)

A de-icing product with grit for use on roads and paths during snowy, icy and freezing weather.

Deicing Salt for Paths

(seasonally stocked)

A white salt which does not contain any grit so is ideal for doorsteps, paths and driveways.

Processed Salt for Delicate areas

A processed white salt, which is designed for use on delicate areas that need a bit more care.



Propane gas cylinders are available in a range of sizes for use in domestic heating and cooking.


Butane gas cylinders are available in a range of sizes, and are perfect for caravanning, camping and portable heating.


Patio gas is designed for use with barbecues and patio heaters.


Butane BBQ Gas is designed to be used on a wide variety of BBQ's, Cookers and heaters.


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